Sensors to detect industrial leaks
for liquids and gasses
We offer one of the widest ranges in industrial leak detection. Its sensing technology can be used to detect a wide range of leaks in liquid or gas state using sensing cables or gas sensors.

SNMP, JSON, XML & Modbus TCP ready.
Email & SMS alerting.
Plug and play.
Leak detection
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liquid leak sensing cables
Industrial grade leak sensing cables for numerous types of liquids: water, fuel and acids.

When a liquid comes into contact at any point along the sensing cable, then an alert will be triggered.

Max leak detection length per sensor is 100m or 300ft.
A base unit can host up to 8 leak sensors covering a total cable length of up 800m / 1600ft.

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gas sensors
Our gas sensors are digital sensors that sense the quantity of the specific gas in the air. Our multi-gas sensor can be configured to detect up to 4 different types of gasses. With over 22 gas types, more than 7,000 combinations are possible to virtually monitor anything.